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Long time forward on a planet far away...
There was a town where creatures lived.
CANDYTOWN. It is a seaside town located in a warm, natural area.
We can hear someone's tweets and cheerful songs around.
Eat a variety of sizzling fruits and vegetables.
It's always filled with happy conversations
and a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.
Everyone has been through a lot.
There should have been many hard times in each past.
"But from now on, we can live cheerfully and happilly."
MAATs all believe that. They are living hard and happy every day.


CANDYCONYTOWN is a 5,021 community-driven NFT collection
randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain.
Our goal is to build CANDY TOWN in the Metaverse
and more in the multiverse.
and spend each happy life with MAATs
who enjoy happiness holding CCT NFTs.
You can receive 1/1 NFT at a price of 0.01ETH.
Not only will you be a life-long companion with these 5K MAATs,
but you will also have a right to live in CANDYTOWN
in the multiverse. Now you can easily dream.
So, CANDYCONYTOWN is NOT just a NFT project.
It will be one of the good tales in the multiverse.
There are always good MAATs in CANDYTOWN.
And Coni will be the protagonist of the first collection.
Would you like other MAATs to come out?
I would like it so much too!!
Later, It will be a good announcement to us.




A baby rabbit came from the center mountains. Coni dreamed of living happily every day on the seaside. One day, Coni came to CANDYTOWN with excitement hearing that PapaWals, who came from the iceblocks in the south, opened CANDYTOWN. In Coni's home village, there was a terrible reality in which the strongs bully and rob the weaks. Yet Coni had been taught to live right and strong, and had been through. Coni believes in the power of "love, courage, and MAATs that PapaWals taught. At CANDYTOWN, Coni strongly hopes that they can all work together to live happily and peacefully. Coni has a strong sense of justice and is kind to MAATs, but sometimes she goes out of it.


A baby rat from a city in the northern desert where humans live. His parents died when he was just born, from when he had lived alone for some time. He survived stealing food in various places, taking a bus for free and sleeping on a luxurious cheese bed in the hotel kitchen. And he somehow moved to the South Sea for no apparent reason. One day, he finally got arrested for stealing Coni's meat pie and was scolded. At that time, he was a little moved by the way of Coni trying to live by doing the "right thing" no matter what. After that, he decides to move to CANDYTOWN to find a way to live happily in his own way with Coni. He is naughty, quick, and small so he can break in anywhere. He basically pay attention to what Coni says and acts, but sometimes he doesn't and plays as much as he wants, which bothers Coni.


A small bird from a nearby forest.His parents didn't help anything, but he had a lot of bird friends living, so he did not have to worry about living and spent happy time with friends. When he traveled to the south of the continent, he found an abandoned seaside town which seemed like people lived in for a long time. He informed PapaWals, who was in trouble because his house had melted away. By guiding to the city, Bd made PapaWals reached CANDY TOWN. He saved the lives of Papawals and his party. He has a wide network of contacts, smart, and always cheerful. But he is a little stubborn. He feels kind of complex because his body is small. Bd is secretly confident that he is just a little bigger than Mous. He knows "the greatness of MAATs", so he always helps Coni and everyone to liven up CANDYTOWN.


A child elephant from the meadow in the middle. One day when he was moving with his family, he was attacked by Hyn's bad clans and separated from his parents. As he wandered in search of the Oasis, he met Lp, who was heading to CANDYTOWN, and both headed south. Elephan, at first, was a little bit confused because the food culture and values are way different from Lp from a foreign country. Though Lp is the good MAAT and talks much at 9:1, that Elephan doesn't have to talk and just has to give him responses. So Elephan thinks it's rather comfortable. Elephan is a quiet guy, the largest and most powerful of all MAATs, so he played an essential role in building large structures like houses, bridges and ships. Now that the world is in turmoil, it's kind of hard to get out. But someday the world gets safer, he thinks of a journey to find his lost parents. He is thoughtful and rarely gets angry. But what if he gets angry? We still do not know if he's really scared and no one can stop him.


Walrus from the iceblocks beyond the south ocean. From a young age, he had lived on the iceblock island and loved seals and fur seals as if his family, fighting against pirates. Since an explosion on the southernmost continent, his house had started to melt and disappeared, so I finally had to find a new house. However, his body didn't move well, so at expense of himself, Wals just managed to get seals and fur seals escaped from the melting iceblocks. Drifting over the southern sea, lying, preparing to die on the loving ever-melting ice house, he was helped. They are Turtles Pirates on the southern island that Wals had taken care of in the past. Bd, who came to see the situation after receiving the news from the Turtles, told Wals, "There is an abandoned city on the edge of the continent a little further north from here,". Wals decided to start a new life over there. PapaWals opened up CANDYTOWN with Pengy and Pengo, hoping that the children could spend happy sweet time, forever.


A baby penguin came with PapaWals and Pengo from the iceblocks in the south. One day, when her mother was out to get food and she was home alone, she suddenly noticed that the ice house had been melting. Long time spent, she was left behind on the ice. Pengy waited a lot, but for some reason her mother finally didn't come back. She was hungry, and became so sad. As she was crying, PapaWals in his north walked by and helped Pengy. She no longer had a home melted down or family, so she decided to go to CANDYTOWN with Papa. Pengy owed PapaWals as he helped her life. Just like Pengo, who always takes care of Papa, Pengy thinks and does what she can do to PapaWals. She likes to read and often reads books singing at the beachside.


A baby penguin from the southernmost continent. The humans around were very kind to them. They liked humans because humans let them play freely, shooting footage of them with their large cameras. Humans protected them. One day, a big explosion suddenly occurred in the area where humans lived, and the impact caused the loss of Pengo's only family, his younger brother. The incident made him deeply regret his weakness. “If one day I have someone important, I definitely have to save, at this time.” He wanted to get stronger in order to protect himself and someone. He doesn't hate humans, but he set out on a journey north in search of a peaceful life without humans. On his journey he met PapaWals and Pengy near melting iceblocks. While eating krill, Papa taught Pengo about "love, courage, and MAATs." Papa also taught him that the true "strength" is not the toughness of the body, but the one in own mind. Pengo decided to live as a disciple of Papa Wals. In CANDYTOWN, Pengo takes care of PapaWals, who does nothing but eat and go to the bathroom. He wants to live like the humans he knows and wants to pretend to be cool, but not every MAATs thinks so.


A kitten from a city further north and east. Crossing rivers, over deserts, Catti finally reached CANDY TOWN by using various ways. She is skilled but fortune-telling especially worked well. One day she heard that you can live a HAPPY ALOHA life surrounded by cute things in CANDYTOWN, and she wants to live like a dream. Catti looks of course cute, but she has experienced more things than other MAATs, so she sometimes says something ironic. But she is actually delicate and vulnerable, and I'm sure Catti is very gentle at heart. She falls in love with Chee and works hard to help Chee. We all hope she can get happiness someday!


A baby red panda all the way from the continent far east. The camel friends returning to the west took him with an only vacant seat on their humps and moved west. Lp didn't want to be eaten by humans or other animals or perform in a circus tent. Lp heard from someone else that heading west to live a winning life, so he moved out to west anyway. One day near the river, Lp met the Old man dressed in dirty white clothes with long hair and a beard. When The Old man treated Lp with beans and salt, Lp heard rumors about CANDYTOWN. So he decided to turn south in search of a more peaceful and encounter-filled life. He fell in love with Catti, who he met in CANDYTOWN, so he sees Chee as a rival and competes with something. He hasn't been able to win, but let's hope he can achieve his ideal self someday!


A baby cheetah from a nearby forest. Basically he can do anything by himself. He is also smart and can exercise. Moreover, he is kind to everyone. The so-called really good guy. Chee treats as a gentleman to the love-loving efforts from Catti, and also very helpful to Lp. That rather makes Lp burn up his rivalry. He was raised in a tough family. He doesn't like himself as he should have lived a life "DECIDED BY SOMEONE". And he made up his mind that decided NOT by someone, but "decide and live by himself". However, he didn't know what to do and got worried. in one night, he was out to drink water in the Oasis near CANDYTOWN all the night, he hit it off with Elephan, who was drinking a gallon of water in the seat next to him. At that time Chee heard from Elephan about CANDYTOWN. He originally lived just close by, so the next morning he ran to come to CANDYTOWN for the time being. Sometimes he quarrels with Lio to help other MAATs.


A lion cub from the nearby grassland. Lio"King" came to CANDYTOWN hearing a pleasant singing voice from there. Lio"King" lives on the outskirts of the town. Lio"King" believe in himself as a king and often wears a cloak, but MAATs know he's just looking cool with the cloak and fake mane. Lio"King" often pretends to be strong because he wants to be a trusted leader, but he's really delicate and tries to stand out in order to get everyMAAT's attention. Lio"King" makes various efforts with Hyn in an attempt to do good things for the town, but for some reason he doesn't always get good results and bothers MAATs. Lio actually likes everyMAAT in CANDYTOWN and he wants to do good for everyone, but he's so embarrassed that he can't say it.


A baby hyena from an eerie cave in a nearby glassland. He was abandoned by his parents from the time he was born and has lived with his bad clan stealing and doing bad things ever since. But one day, Lio came alone to the cave to reform one of Hyn's bad clan, panther. Panther was a childhood friend of Lio. During the quarrel, Hyn was moved by Lio saying, "If you really believe each other, you should be a lifelong pals doing good things that are good for others, rather than bad things just for yourself." He then wanted to live with Lio doing good things. But he still doesn't know exactly what is right, so what Lio asked him to do does not go well after all, and it bothers everyMAAT. Hyn feels sorry for Elephan that his bad clan did something wrong a long time ago.


The guy from nowhere. Black and the same shape as Coni. No matter who, he plays pranks, especially when he gets into Coni and tries to win. No one knows who Conic is, what Conic is, or where Conic lives.



CANDYCONYTOWN is more than just a NFT project. First of all, let's have fun together in the CANDYTOWN community. We may live in a variety of places in the world, but we will have a very exciting time to meet wonderful MAATs who can share the same hobbies and ideas in one CANDYTOWN community on the web world (Thank you web!).
Next, let's think about the story of your own CANDYTOWN. I'm sure you are on your way of each story of MAATs and think that you are the same as yourself. I am the same.
Now, like any other MAATs, you're ready to easily become a resident of CANDYTOWN.
Only 5,021 NFTs will be minted. If you become a resident of CANDYTOWN, you have only 5,021 MAATS in the metaverse.
You will surely be lifelong friends. We truly love you who love CANDYCONYTOWN. We love you beautiful creator. We love you who are clever in the verse. Let's liven up the story of CANDYCONYTOWN to make it together. CANDYCONYTOWN is a community, and a story of someone's life in extremely far future from here.
If you get CANDYCONYTOWN NFTs, you will be able to make friends to 10k maats. AND we will produce new NFT collections in order. Please remember we have a variety of "GOOD VIBES ONLY" maats in CANDY TOWN. Trades will mean hype.
One of us actually is based on design team of wear brand. After 1st launch, you will be able to get exclusive wear items you can wear for your fun life. To get into 3D/2D animations, you can share the stories with us. Maats will also have the right to live in CANDYTOWN, which will be opened in the multiverse in the future. You can get the ticket for the first time you have CCTNFTs.
Anyway, We think you and Maats community always goes prior. it is just essential to have fun in CANDYTOWN!!
I am already very very grateful for reading this far.
We can't wait to see you maat in the new world to come.

When launch?

We will launch CCT NFTs on June 2022. There will be a pre-sale before our public sale. We will announce to you as soon as the information to be updated. Please keep in touch with us on our Twitter, Twitter Space and DISCORD.

What the total supply?

Total of 5,021 NFTs for 0.01eth for the 1st collection.
For WL holders, you can purchase for 0eth. (FREE MINT)

What CCT does me?

Minting CANDYCONYTOWN NFTs gives you the premium ticket to CANDYTOWN and all of our events. Free access to our preannouncement of our creative roadmap release, MAATs will keep making you entertain for long. After NFTs you can enjoy MAATs ONLY CONTENTS like the limited wears, exclusive editions of the artworks of CCT spinoffs and original advanced animations, and much more. FREE ACCESS TO CANDYTOWN in metaverse as well. So have fun the story of CANDYTOWN!!

How other MAATs appear?

You can see every wonderful MAATs living in CANDYTOWN, and Coni will be the protagonist in the first NFT collection... Well some of other MAATs will come out too...!! We have planned releasing the some following NFT collections taking another MAAT in as the main role. Keep in touch with us for our events of fan art contests, popularity polls, etc. Let's talk together about what we want to see! We will greatly welcome you all MAATs to CANDYTOWN!!

What "MAAT"?

"Maat" was originally the name of the goddess of some desert country. She is the god who has the total power of ruling "right thing". In CANDYTOWN, we use "MAAT" when we call our loved ones and casual friends. In CANDYTOWN, everyone is Dude, bro, Pal, fren, and MAAT.

How to buy CCT NFTs?
  • Download the extension on your browser
  • Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance, or you already have it in your wallet
  • Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
  • On mint day, open CANDYCONYTOWN website and CONNECT to your wallet, and purchase.
  • Click “MINT” button, Metamask will popup asking for connection
  • Confirm the transaction and any associated fees including gas fees
  • Once you have made your purchase, your CANDY NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea
  • Be excited and wait for the revealing day when you will get the mask items




















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